Friday, June 16, 2017

a road less travelled

"A road less travelled"with be my 6th for the year so I'm still on target for my "one a month". I made this little codex book  for my daughter Katie for her 40th birthday and it refers in an abstract way to various aspects of her life so far. Most of her work has been in education with Australian indigenous children and the images and stains and waxes refer to this with a bird's eye perspective. 

The images were made from graphite rubbings of a didactic plinth for a sculpture of Pastor Sir Douglas and Lady Gladys Nicholls in Parliament gardens in Melbourne. These images on ordinary photocopy paper from our hotel  were then stained and waxed with turmeric, xanthorrhoea resin and bees wax when I returned back to my studio to seal in my drawn mixed media images.
The tracing paper interleaving to stop the waxy pages sticking together, has been pierced and torn to look both forward to the next or back to the last page and get little glimpses of the future or past.
The title refers to the way Katie's life is a little different to that of most of her friends and peers.


ronnie said...

this is delightful jack!

Nathalie Nayer said...


Jack Oudyn said...

Thank you ronnie and Nathalie, my daughter loved it too. I think it helps to have a "real" personal reason for making a book sometimes.

Helen M said...

What a lucky girl your daughter is Jack receiving such a wonderful book for her birthday.

Jack Oudyn said...

Thanks Helen, I'm lucky too to have such appreciative and visually literate daughters otherwise it wouldn't be quite so special.